Volume 5 issue 1

1. Role of Life script on Lora's Passivity in Glassy Menagerie Play
Shirin  Bozorgmehr  and Maryam Zamani

2. Information Communication Technology and Public School Administration in Osun State, Nigeria

Subair S. ’Tayo and Bada Tayo Abass

3. Critical pedagogy in SLA: A state of the art study
Farid Ghaemi and Noushin Asadi Piran
4. Sultan Qaboos University Students' knowledge and attitudes regarding organic and genetically modified food products
Ahmed Al-Rabaani and Ali Al-Shuaili
5. The New Paradigm Shift – Internationalizing Business Education curriculum
Okoroafor O. Nzeh
6. Students, Peers and Teacher’s Strategies As a Measure of Effective Classroom Assessment and the Value of Triangulation
Adeyemo  Emily  Oluseyi
7. The Relationship between Self-concept, Self-efficacy, Self-esteem and Reading Comprehension Achievement: Evidence from Iranian EFL learners
Noushin Asadi Piran

8. The Effect of Anger Control Skills Training on Personal Adjustment of Iranian Female Students
Salar Faramarzi, Mansour Sodani , Fateme Hashemian, Mohammad Reza nayestani
9. Chilies Farmers’ Descriptive Thoughts on Importance of Agriculture Sustainability Practice
NaliniA., 2Fakhrul Anwar Zainon, and 2Wan Norhayate Wan Daud
10. Investigating the Relationship between Self-actualization and Occurrence of High Risk Behaviors among Students of Birjand University
SaadatShamodini Lori, HamedMostafaei, MohammadrezaGhaderiGask, HosseinJenaabadi
11. The Representation of Women in Arbitration in Iranian Legal System
Mahdi Haddadi
12. The Effect of  Perceived  Organizational  Justice on Teachers’ Silence: A Practice in Primary Education Institutions
Cemal Aküzüm
13. Community Based Rehabilitation: A Bridge to Inclusive Sustainability Among Persons with Disabilities.
Gilliet Chigunwe (Mrs) and Anyway Katanha
14. Investigation of Factors affecting Levels of Coaches' Love of Children
Filiz Yaylaci and Özer Ilhan
15. A Study on School Maturity Level of Children Continuing to Preschool Education
Aygen Çakmak, Fatma Elibol, Ezgi Akıncı Demirbaş
16. Investigating the Relationship of  Willingness to Communicate with Learning Styles in Iranian EFL Learners
Masoud Zoghi,M. Yoosefi,N. Shokrzadeh,L. Masoomifar٭,Sh. Farsi,R. Badiee
17. Identifying School Reputation
Mahmur Sagir, Izzet Dos and Remzi B. Cetin
18. The Effect of Working on Academic Success and Social Lives of University Students
Süleyman Karataş
19. Effect of 5E Learning Cycle and V Diagram Use in General Chemistry Laboratories on Science Teacher Candidates’ Attitudes, Anxiety and Achievement
Orhan Ercan
20. Examine the role of Social Police and Advertising in Attract Foreign Tourists (A Case Study of Bam, Iran)
Hassan Golkar  and Sina Zeynali